Saturday, June 5, 2010

Netherlands: Strand Scheveningen

Set List
  1. Last Man Standing (ptl)
  2. We Weren't Born to Follow
  3. You Give Love a Bad Name
  4. Born to Be My Baby (ptl)
  5. Lost HighwayLost Hwy-2 (DB view) 
  6. Raise Your Hands | RYH-2
  7. We Got It Going On
  8. When We Were Beautiful
  9. In These Arms | ITA-2 | ITA-3
  10. Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
  11. Bad Medicine/Roadhouse Blues | Bad Med/RHB-2
  12. It's My Life | IML-2 | IML-3
  13. Lay Your Hands on Me (Richie Vox) | LYHOM-2 | LYHOM-3
  14. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (ptl)
  15. Runaway (ptl)
  16. Work for the Working Man (ptl)
  17. Rockin' All Over the World (ptl) | Rockin-2
  18. Who Says You Can't Go Home (w/Rockin)
  19. Keep the Faith | KTF-2
  20. Only Lonely | Lonely-2 | Lonely-3
  21. Wanted Dead or Alive | Wanted-2 | Wanted-3
  22. Living on a Prayer | Prayer-2
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IRINA said...

I very like bon jovi!

Bon Jovi Circle Tour said...

Irina, you are in great company! Thanks so much for visiting the blog, and for taking the time to leave a comment!

~ Hath

Misty said...

I went to the concert myself, together with my mum. Despite being a fan for about ten years now, this was my first Bon Jovi concert. It was amazing and it looked like they had a good time too. Next time they come back to the Netherlands, I will definitely go see them again.

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